Happiness is not such an unattainable thing
as we sometimes assume it to be. Attaining
it can actually be quite simple.
We at biggist have found out the rules
that are followed by genuinely happy people,
and we decided to share them with you.

1. Maintain strong relationships with
those around you
Researchers have shown in a study of people
who were 70 or older that those who are
happiest in old age are the ones who valued
their close relationships with friends and
family throughout their lives and did
everything they could to maintain them.
2. Value time more than money
One survey revealed that the majority
of happy people would prefer to have more
time than more money. This confirms the
established fact that those who value time
over all material objects get the greatest
satisfaction out of life.
3. Appreciate the wonder around you
Researchers have noted that people who
often pay attention to all the wonderful little
things around them are more satisfied with
their lives than those who don't. As a result,
they're a lot happier.
4. Spend a lot of time with friends
Time spent among friends does much
to make us happier. We receive an especially
large amount of satisfaction from spending
time with our closest friends who are happy
themselves. Their feelings of joy and
"lightness" are easily transferred to all those
around them.
5.. Look after those close to you, and try
to make them happy as often as possible
Psychologists have noted that people who
spontaneously carry out good deeds are a lot
happier than those who never do this. Being
good to others makes you feel good yourself.
6.. Calculate expenses and live within
your means
Not being able to pay the bills is very stressful
for almost any individual. This is why
researchers recommend being careful with
your income and not attempting to acquire
things that you can't allow yourself.
7.. Play sport regularly
It's been proven that physical exercise helps
a person fight psychological problems and
cope better with stressful situations.
Moreover, research also shows that physical
activity is directly connected with feelings
of happiness.


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