Great makeup can make miracles happen and
transform a "regular" woman into a real
Hollywood star. That is why ladies all over the
world spend so much time and money trying
to make their face absolutely flawless. But
which makeup tricks can really make
a difference?
We at binggist now the answer to this
question. Here are the 10 best makeup hacks
that will help you look and feel your best.
1.. Light shimmering eye shadows:
Bright eye shadows are at the peak
of popularity this season. That's fine for
fashion runways and the red carpet, but it's
definitely not a look to pull off for everyday
wear. In fact, brown, peach, and gray shades
of eye shadow are the best choices when
it comes to your everyday makeup routine.
2..Red lipstick:: Psychologists say that most people
subconsciously associate the color red with
youth and female sexual attractiveness. Not
surprisingly, women wearing red lipstick
usually receive the most prolonged gazes from
men. Just remember the lipstick shade that
you pick should complement your overall look.
3..Natural skin tone:: We often think that applying a thick layer
of foundation, or several layers of it, can
make us conceal our imperfections better.
Unfortunately, this strategy can only make
your skin look cakey. Choose foundations with
a thin melting texture, like BB or CC creams.
These products will help even out your skin
tone and give you a fresh look. If you want
to hide small imperfections on your face, use
concealer or corrector.
4.. Natural and flattering makeup:: Natural-looking makeup is always in fashion.
It perfectly accentuates your dignity and hides
flaws. So while applying your makeup, be sure
that you do not put too many beauty products
on your face. After all, even the most
sophisticated makeup can't compare to just
putting on a sincere smile.
5..Smokey Eyes:: The smokey eye look can be difficult
to achieve. If you're not careful, you can end
up looking like a panda very quickly. But once
you master this technique, you'll get a perfect
evening look that will make your eyes look
crazy gorgeous.


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