Today's diversity of beauty products
sometimes compels us to conduct
extended research of cosmetics — and
that's where the Internet steps in for help.
The following are ways to bolster your skin::
-To fight dark spots, use cosmetics
containing salicylic acid or simple
oils — for example, olive oil. Apply
an ample amount of it to your nose and
other affected areas, and rub
it energetically for a sufficient time
before washing it off. The dark spots
will either be gone or at least become
-Congested skin issues are also solved
by salicylic acid-based aids.
-The best antibacterial skin care
is benzoyl peroxide (like Desquam),
which is also great for excess
greasiness. Antibiotics work well too,
but bacteria will quickly grow resistant
to them.
-Pitted acne scars and
hyper pigmentation are best dealt with
by acids and vitamin C. However, acids
will not help you with deep scars left
over from severe acne, so meet with
your beautician and go to a beauty
salon for peeling.


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