From the classic little black dress
to an off-the-shoulder top, here's a selection
of 5 items of clothing that we at Binggist
consider essential. And the best news is that
most of these are probably already in your
- Little black dress:: The perfect little black dress is a wardrobe
necessity. It's ideal for special occasions and casual wear, and it's
great to make you feel and look irresistible.
- Leather jacket:: This is certainly one of the most basic items that
never goes out of style and
gives you an aggressive-chic touch.
- Blue jeans and a white tank top:: Sometimes the simplest things are
the best!!! You'll always looking amazing in a classic mix of blue or
black jeans and a plain white tee, and it's something that
all women already have in their closet.
- High heels:: Every woman needs a pair of high heels for a special
occasion. High heels elongate
your body, improve your posture, and
create an optical illusion of longer and
slimmer legs.
- Something red:: There are certain elements that accentuate the
sensuality of a woman, and the color red is one of them. Scientists
say that
women wearing red are the most attractive
to men, even if it's just red lipstick.


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