Just when we felt the government had come to
an end, the secretary general Comrade Maxwell
Jimmy of the students union government (SUG)
uniuyo pulled a stunt that got the entire student
community marveled.
It was one of the best, and most successful
student oriented and empowerment event of
the about to go administration. With zero
financial interest to the organizers, the
secretary general comrade Maxwell Jimmy in
his speech after the event said "I wanted
Nigerian students to learn how to create wealth
from the internet, that's why I went against all
odds to put up this event even without the
financial support of the school management, I
just had to give back to the student, cos
without them I would not have emerged as their
It was not a day for fund raising, or political
talks, it was a students day, and I'm glad we
had students cut across all faculties who came
and benefited immensely, they even gave their
heartfelt appreciation while wishing that the
successive government will follow suit and do
Below are images from the event
The Joy of living footprints on the sands of


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