Scientists have discovered the oldest
illustrated Bible in the world. It is 800 years
older than King James, and it has over 80
books in it, compared to the 66. The story is
This book was discovered in one of the
ancient Ethiopian monasteries. In the book
of Acts 8:27 we read of the encounter of
Philip with the man from Ethiopia, who
received Jesus. He went back to his country
and preached the Gospel there. Thus
Ethiopia was one of the first countries in
Africa, where people received the truth
about Jesus and Salvation.
So, it's no wonder that the oldest Bible was
discovered there. They call the find the
Garima Gospels (named after the man, who
copied the book). He was a monk named
Garima, and the legend tells us he copied all
the Gospels in just one day.
The man came to Ethiopia in 494 AD from
Constantinople. This book has become the
most ancient among all with the pages still
attached to the original binder. This Bible
has survived the Muslim invasion of the
country as well as an Italian one, too.

Scientific testing showed the book was
written 350-650 AD. Most likely the writing
was done by Garima, even if he did not
finish it in one day.
The ancient Scriptures would be stored at
Ethiopian Heritage Fund. Hopefully, later on,
they will exhibit the Bible at the monastery,
where it was found and stored for so many
Here is what they say:
"Many of these old Christian relics can only be
reached by hiking and climbing to remote
monasteries as roads are limited in these
mountainous regions. The Garima Gospels
have been kept high and dry which has helped
preserve them all these years and they are
kept in the dark, so the colors look fresh."
This unusual found proves that the Word of
God is true, and it remains the same in the
last days, as it was in the first days!


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