A warning note of a bomb found on a plane
closed Queenstown airport for several hours
this afternoon. No bomb was found and police
are investigating.
Queenstown Airport has been
reopened, and operations have
returned to normal, after a
bomb scare earlier this
And police are now trying to find out who left
the bomb scare note, on Qantas flight QF121
that arrived from Sydney at 2.30pm today.
Police found nothing of interest after a search
at Queenstown Airport.
Air New Zealand cancelled two flights to
Queenstown Airport, after a bomb note was
found on a plane that had touched down from
Queenstown Airport has confirmed on its
website that one flight from Wellington and
one from Auckland have been cancelled.
These return flights, from Queenstown to
Auckland and Wellington, have also been
A message posted on Queenstown Airport's
website stated, "security alert in progress,
Queenstown Airport is currently working with
NZ Police to respond to a security alert".
A cleaner at Queenstown airport found a note
claiming there was a bomb on a plane.
The plane in question is currently sitting on the
tarmac at the airport, with no one on board.
The airport terminal was evacuated
following the discovery.
Aviation Security and Police have
searched the plane and found no
evidence of an explosive.
Teams are continuing to search through
baggage and the terminal building and
making enquiries with passengers.


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