Malaysia's first Islamic airline, Rayani Air, has been barred from flying by the country's Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

According to BBC? Rayani Air l  witch was launched 2015 with halal food, no alcohol and Muslim crew wearing the hijab.
Rayani Air   haas estimate of about 737-400 planes in its fleet, each able to carry about 180 passengers, eight pilots and 50 crew.
On Monday, the DCA said it was revoking Rayani Air's licence and it could no longer operate as a commercial airline. The reasons where that  the airline failed to follow flight regulations. A safety audit was later conducted to assess its operations.
In addition, Malaysia's aviation commission said in a statement that the airline "had breached the conditions of its Air Service Licence (ASL) and lacks the financial and management capacity to continue operating as a commercial airline".
The DCA said it had conducted a "thorough deliberation" on the airline's response to the safety audit.
In the lead up to its suspension, the airline had faced criticism including complaints about cancelled flights as pilots went on strike.
Based on the island of Langkawi, the airline had been flying to the capital Kuala Lumpur and the northern city of Kota Bahru.
It had plans to fly to more Malaysian cities and eventually schedule flights to Mecca, for hajj and umrah pilgrimages, reports said.

Originally Written by BBC


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