The summer of breakups continues its fateful reign.

Taylor Swift

Currently, Hollywood, relationships are ending. Maybe it's the warm weather, maybe it's just the way the planets are aligned, but love is not exactly in the air right now.
And when celebrities call it quits, there are certain ways events can transpire. It's not really fair to label breakup reactions as better or worse than others, since each person's pain is so unique to them, but it's hard not to notice that some people have much more of a command of the situation than others; it's an aura they carry around with them that says, look at me now.

 And yes, we're talking about Taylor Swift 's squad. Her gaggle of girlfriends have been a little down and out in the love department lately, with several ladies finding themselves on the business end of a breakup. But no matter! Because they are still some of the fiercest, most badass gals in Hollywood, boyfriend or not.

We could all stand to cull a few lessons from their auras of confidence, just to store up that knowledge for the next time we're unlucky in love. Because after all, there's really no better reaction to seeing someone step out post-breakup than spontaneously uttering, damn girl. And thus we give you the Taylor Swift Squad Guide to Being a Badass After a Breakup.

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