Good Move For Nigeria As it Find new Economic Growth Grounds 

PMB today received in audience @Unilever Executives @PaulPolman, @Yaw_N and Igwe N. Achebe (Chair Unilever Nigeria)

''We refused to save for the rainy day. Now the rain is beating us. No money, no savings, nothing. And we are thoroughly wet from the rains," he said. President Buhari said Nigeria was paying the price for turning herself into a mono economy, but assured that the country would soon be able to feed herself, and even export, with the current emphasis placed on agriculture. He assured that the Federal Government would fast-track the implementation of strategies to ease doing business and attract more investors into Nigeria. "We want to create jobs, and supporting manufacturing is one way to do it. As soon as we have stabilized our budget, I would personally be interested in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the generation of essential raw materials," the President said. The Chief Global CEO of Unilever said the conglomerate had been in Nigeria for 93 years, making it the oldest manufacturing concern in the country. "Our products are more Nigerian than other Nigerian brands. Despite the economic downturn, there are opportunities to further advance our business here. "The situation to invest and continue to invest here is very encouraging," Mr Polman said, adding that Unilever had invested about N15 billion in Nigeria in the past three years.

well i happen to Once be a Unilever ambassador, Well As they say Once and Ambassador Always an Ambassador. Unilever has Through the yeas stood out among to Employer of Labor, and Home product producer who have always provided us Manufacture Goods for home Use,  Meeting the President to see how the Economy can move forwards is a good Idea. I will personally congratulate my Employer for gaining more Economic Grounds in Meeting the President to Promote Nigerian Economy. You may add your say Using the Comment Box 


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