The Political Witch Hunt By Buhari Continues  

Non Debatable, the Buhari Led Administration is Onesided in its Political Chase of Criminals. This is dont by the use of the Verb "Change" LOL , What am trying to say is that The Political wave of Refunding the Looted funds of the Nation by APC led admin, has Carried more weight on the Still Loyal PDP Members. This Time around Ayo Fayose the Executive of Ekiti Sattee who as been blaying Hard Core seems to land Himself in Big Trouble. I see fayose as a Fearless Comrade but you Know you Must be careful when fighting the opposition ie what i mean is you must have clean Hands before you start Talking about the Black back Pot of APC or else thy may end up Bleaching you Black

End  of stories It has been reported of Bank Tellers as evidence that he looted money Images Bellow 


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